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  • Brown Bros. Inspections

    Charles D. Brown


    Ocean Beach, CA


    With a reputation for thoroughness and reliability, our inspectors are qualified to assist you with all your inspection needs. We bring to you integrity, professionalism and the training required to complete the job.

  • South Coast Home Inspections

    Abe Hamilton

    Del Mar, CA


    Real estate is the largest investment you will ever make, yet many people do so without knowing the condition of the property they are purchasing. That’s why a professional home inspection is crucial!

  • SoCal Home Inspections, Inc.

    Pete Manjuck

    Senior Inspector

    Mission Beach, CA


    You need to know if the home you intend to buy is actually worth what you are offering, and it's important to know the condition of your home before you list it to sell... Your safety is my greatest concern.

  • Solid Foundation San Diego Home Inspection

    Martin Lehman

    Owner / Inspector

    La Jolla, CA


    We give you an accurate snapshot of the current condition of the property so you can address problems in advance and at a manageable pace, instead of being rushed into a quick, potentially costlier last minute repair or upgrade.

  • The San Diego Real Estate Inspection Company

    Robin Mueller

    Home Inspector

    Carlsbad, CA


    SDREI is the only home inspection company in San Diego to incorporate Infrared Thermal Imaging technology with every home inspection to help find moisture in a home.

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